Space Paranoids


Space Paranoids was an arcade game developed by a hacker named Flynn in a movie called ‘TRON’, the best motion picture made. Ever. In the world.

This website just serves as a braindump for me to put all my development stuff.

LDS Open Source Software

I have a website called The Nephite Network which is a collection of tiny religious websites.

For development stuff, I work on the Mormon Documentation Project, where I archive stuff for third-party programs and developers, like the LDS canon of scriptures.

Gentoo Linux

I’m a Gentoo developer, and I work on multimedia stuff, treecleaners, and user relations. I also maintain Planet Gentoo and Planet Larry.


My programming language of choice is currently PHP, and I’ll dump any scripts I’m working on here.I’m also learning C++ in my spare time. I love it already.

About Me

My name is Steve Dibb, and I live in You can read what I’m up to by following my blog where I write about stuff like computers, tv shows, dvds, soundtracks, cartoons and databases.Here’s my contact info.