Space Paranoids


Space Paranoids was an arcade game developed by a hacker named Flynn in a movie called ‘TRON’, the best motion picture made. Ever. In the world.

This website just serves as a braindump for me to put all my development stuff.

LDS Open Source Software

I have a website called The Nephite Network which is a collection of tiny religious websites.

For development stuff, I work on the Mormon Documentation Project, where I archive stuff for third-party programs and developers, like the LDS canon of scriptures.

Gentoo Linux

I’m a Gentoo developer, and I work on multimedia stuff, treecleaners, and user relations. I also maintain Planet Gentoo and Planet Larry.


My programming language of choice is currently PHP, and I’ll dump any scripts I’m working on here.I’m also learning C++ in my spare time. I love it already.

About Me

My name is Steve Dibb, and I live in Utah, US. I love writing about stuff like computers, tv shows, dvds, soundtracks, cartoons, gardening, Indian food and databases.


You know, I’ve never been interested in book reviews or movie reviews unless I read the book or watched the movie. The fact that I’m worried about spoilers is a part of it but more than that, I feel like a book review or a film review that doesn’t talk about the story is just unnecessary.


In order to fully dissect a book and talk about its writing style and in order to judge a film and discuss cinematography, spoilers are inevitable. That’s why book/film reviews aren’t really trying to figure out whether someone should read/watch it or not; they’re trying to discuss what they felt was done brilliantly and what they felt was lame or unnecessary.


Thus, book reviews are geared more towards the people who’ve already read the book and also towards the author him/herself. Movie reviews are kind of like that too because no one will really get that review unless he/she already watched the movie. But with video games, this simply isn’t the case.


Video game reviews can be extremely helpful even without spoiling the story. Game reviews aren’t here to talk about what scenes are beautiful and what dialogues were awful but about how its mechanics work. How are the controls? What’s the A.I. like?


How is match-making for the multiplayer done? How effective are the weapons/items? Are there any serious graphical glitches? Video game reviews try to answer these questions and that’s why they’re actually made for people who haven’t tried the game yet.


Even for story-oriented games like Valkyria Chronicles, reviews can be spoiler-free and still be worthwhile.


Here’s my contact info.